Tomachi featuring Dam Native - Mic Is Mine

from by Tomachi



76 bpm C, C#
3 Years in the making, this started as a tune called Hotel Vermont that I wrote when I got back from NYC in 2000. Beats were made in ‘01 with Hamish. Horns laid in ‘03. Vocals in ’04 from Dam Native, the original horified hiphop originators! Danny’s vocal rhythms are truly inventive, and Bryson’s sung chorus and guitar work ties it all together.


[Sung Chorus 1]
Nah nah me rebel, dem different people,
evil here for ever, never are it equal.
On the next level, higher native rebel,
tower with the higher power, toy better settle aight.
[Rap Chorus 1]
The mic is mine, it has been for a long time.
I strike with the unique speech that is divine.
A pioneer of horified hiphop is back,
have to do what feels right now there’s no looking back.
I’ve caused all type of wreck on these streets you bet,
with infinite rhymes which ones am I supposed to select next.
I use a power the towers high above me and you.
The mic is mine, with an upraised hand of Ringatu
[Sung Chorus 2 repeats]
[Verse 2]
Center stage I feel the rath of the seas,
demonstrate techniques of Maori poetry.
I feel the tides turning, yearning for mcs
a true warning stalking all toys with ease.
The go getta, seeking out mics with my mic seeker,
you mess with us you mess with Tuma Tauenga.
Haimona, Manukau, Campbell, Pomona,
black swandry jackets, sons of thunder...
[Rap Chorus 2 repeats]
[Verse 3]
When I banished myself from a circle of Steve Urkels,
phantom of the rapra cyborg stature.
Lone unequivalent paying mad dividends,
so many custom made tracks, me and black, we could swim in ‘em.
Arch rival unattached to my style its wild,
not guilty cause im silky at all of my trials.
I’d be the best man, without walking down any isles,
I never to drugs, thats why im always in denial.
I kick beats yeah, deep from my intestine,
like Einstein high in minds eye moko mo kai.
I blast off deep into the galaxy,
black man, even the black hole rejected me, the mic is mine.
[Sung Chorus 3 repeats]


from The Hotel Vermont Sessions, released April 24, 2011
T. Atkinson, D. Hamoana, B. Campbell, A. Rust.


all rights reserved



Tomachi Auckland, New Zealand

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